Does the IRS own you?

The Sixteenth Amendment couldn’t possibly be your Labor

IRS LaborIt is that time again and everyone would like to know if the Sixteenth Amendment makes ordinary income liable for taxation. There are only Two (2) things you really need to know about the Sixteenth Amendment. First is that it is easier to understand than you’d think because the Sixteenth Amendment is only one paragraph of just 30 words, in the same English we speak today. It was adopted in 1913 which was probably in your grandfather’s time and you understood him, right? You didn’t need anyone to come behind him to explain what he just said to you, right?

The Second important fact is that the Sixteenth Amendment is the ONLY place where the IRS gets its authority. In other words, All of the IRS authority is found right here and nowhere else.

Does the IRS Code Book

Supersede the Sixteenth Amendment LAW?

Yes it does: if you believe them – but then how could it? How valuable would our Constitution be if some government agency could melt it into obscurity by simply writing some “Code Book?” A code is just a code and this analogy will easily prove this. Back in my Marine Corps days we had to iron our shirts with three creases down the back. If we didn’t we would’ve been Court Martialed because of the UCMJ, the Uniform CODE of Military Justice. Suppose the Base Commander spots a civilian one day working on the base without the triple pleated shirt and has him arrested. The MP’s were brutal and intimidating constantly pointing to the code requiring the proper ironing of the triple pleats. The civilian reads that code pointed out to him and is so intimidated that he pays the fine and does the time, 2 weeks in the brig.

Of course that never happened nor could it happen.
Civilians are not subject to the Military Code. Therefore the question is simply, “Are you Subject to the “IRS Code?” It’s a simple Yes or No question but to know for certain maybe we should carefully read it. After all, it was written for us and meant to be read by us, right?

The Sixteenth Amendment actual wording

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Right, one short paragraph comprising of four phrases of 30 easily understood English words giving the IRS all of the authority it has, which means if it isn’t here, they do not have it.

the Sixteenth Amendment phrase by phrase

The first phrase claims that Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes. Well, of course they can because this first phrase clearly gives them authority over “incomes,” and not people. This is an extremely crucial point because some IRS agents run their mouths like Communists shouting that everyone needs to pay their Fair Share but, the Sixteenth Amendment does not tax Fair Share, it only taxes Incomes. I am not splitting hairs; I am reading the English words which all have specific and definite meanings. Only a business entity could Derive Income by subtracting Expenses from Revenue. Human beings cannot do this. We receive Income, we do not Derive it. “The Sixteenth Amendment or the IRS Code Book?” article exhaustively examined this

Can we now agree

the Sixteenth Amendment only taxes Incomes?

But isn’t this taxing of incomes exactly what the IRS claims and shouts at us constantly? Yes it is, but they do stop quoting the Sixteenth Amendment right there don’t they? And that is the deception. They repeat the Sixteenth Amendment like it was just that one sentence of just those twelve (12) words AND, if it were true, they would only need those twelve (12) words, right?

But then It would also be in terrible conflict of our Constitution, and everything we thought the Constitution stood for. It would literally mean that the IRS had the authority to take from you whatever they wanted to and as much as they wanted to and how could this be so?

From Whatever Source DERIVED

This is the second adjectival phrase and it modifies the first phrase protecting all citizens from the IRS.  Again, Congress can only tax Incomes, and not people, AND this second adjectival phrase can only tax Incomes DERIVED from whatever Source. Now you understand why the IRS never quotes or even mentions this second adjectival phrase when it deceptively misquotes the Sixteenth Amendment?

Shouldn’t we also get a little annoyed of this reversed deceptive wording? Remember, this is your grandparent’s time and they didn’t say, “To the carriage, my horse hitch.” The verb DERIVED at the end of the phrase is overtly obviously meant to deceive us. They knew that if they correctly wrote:

Congress had the power to collect taxes on incomes derived from any source,

Wouldn’t everyone instantly realize that we don’t receive paychecks derived From a source? Saying Congress shall have the Power to Lay and Collect taxes on Incomes Derived from whatever source has the exact same literal meaning but now, we’d quickly understand these words to be a phrasal adjective limiting the Income subject to IRS Income tax to ONLY when it’s been Derived from a Source, any Source.

The Sixteenth Amendment is

Constitutionally written but Deceptively Worded

In other words, it’s legalese written correctly to keep the Supreme Court from knocking it down like they did in 1894 when the government first attempted to get their hands on our labor. Your Non-derived paycheck is your labor and your labor is your Non-derived paycheck. The IRS claims they aren’t taxing us; they’re taxing our labor. Like our labor and us are two entirely different entities?

without apportionment among the several States

This third phrase is Nonsensical at best because it implies that they had some choice to apportion the tax on everyone’s paycheck amongst the states if they so wanted laughingly mixing Apples and Orange paint? Since the tax is on incomes, what could that possibly have to do with the several states? AND if they’re removing the Direct Tax Apportionment requirement from the several States, what could that possibly have to do with incomes, Derived or Not?

It is blatantly deceptive that government can tax incomes, derived from a source, without apportionment amongst the several states because there is no way to tax incomes derived from a source with apportionment amongst the several states. This added and obviously meaningless unnecessary phrase could only have the single purpose of further confusion and deception.

and without regard to any census or enumeration.

This fourth and final adverbial phrase really drives home the corrupt and deceptive attempt to steal our labor and completely own us. I know it might not seem possible that a government would take everything it could from its own citizens just to further their own agendas causes and bridges to nowhere but, really, is anything more ridiculous and obvious than this final adverbial phrase?

How about and without regard to race, creed or religion, or how about and without regard to snowfall in Alaska? The only time you ever mention a “without regard” is in the case of regard. Was there ever a time in our Constitution that a tax on Income, Derived or not was ever in regard to a census or enumeration?

Isn’t it now in-your-face blatantly deceptive?
How could any government tax Incomes, Derived or Not with regard to a census or enumeration? And since there is no way that they could, or that any census has anything to do with incomes Derived or not, what ethical explanation could they possibly have for even including this phrase?
( enumeration definition 1. To count off or name one by one; list: 2. To determine the number of; count)

Sixteenth Amendments side by side Comparison

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes Derived from whatever source.

Please compare this ethical 16 word version of what they’re Lawfully claiming with the 30 word version in print. What does the wordy version give Congress that this ethically written version does not? Nothing but the ability to confuse! This concise ethical wording gives the IRS all of the same exact power it actually has now but now, all Americans could understand what that really means.

Remember, the Sixteenth Amendment

and the Federal Reserve System both came in 1913

This is a whole other article for next time but I leave you with the knowledge most of you already have that the Sixteenth Amendment of 1913 and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave us the privately owned Federal Reserve System which is just as privately owned as Federal Express is.

Sixteenth Amendment

Worst Year 1913

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is the most comprehensive report on the birth of Federal Reserve through the clandestine meeting of the Banking Giants on Jekyll Island in Georgia. The Federal Reserve was conceived to protect this banking cartel from competition and develop strategy on how to convince Congress and the public that this cartel was a agency of the United States government.

They named it to sound like it is part of America, but it is instead the Privately Owned true Domestic Enemy of American citizens using the Non-Codified Title 26 IRS as its personal collection agency employing this deceptive strategy to primarily hold down inflation on their out of control printing of their Federal Reserve Notes. Think about it. Since they can print all they want AND they do, why take 30% of our labor as well? They could just print more right? Well, if they printed a trillion dollars for example and didn’t take 300 billion FRNs back from us, the inflation rate would become astronomically higher than it is now.

You Must Pay the IRS

Make sure you realize from this article that ALL income that is Derived from a Source, any Source as demanded by the Sixteenth Amendment does have a Tax Liability attached to it. I am not an attorney or accountant but I do write for the International Sovereign Services Blog as a former US Marine who swore to defend this country against ALL Enemies both foreign and Domestic. The Marine Corps would never had included we defend against Domestic enemies if they didn’t realize there were ones. I invoke my First Amendment Right to Assemble here and speak with you.

Lots of Questions

Sure, this new understanding leaves you with a number of questions I’m sure. They’ll be addressed in my next article but for now, you need to decide if you’ll ignore this new found knowledge just because they “need” you to pay your “Fair Share” against everything the Sixteenth Amendment really says…

Our Sixteenth Amendment

The Sixteenth Amendment or the IRS Code Book?

The Sixteenth Amendment is the ONLY thing we have standing between us and IRS Servitude. What is really amazing is that our Founding Fathers living in the late 1700’s indirectly wrote the Sixteenth Amendment of 1913, sixty to eighty years after all of them were dead in the ground.

Richard Vincent Brown

Richard Brown

I am Richard Vincent Brown former US Marine who swore to Defend this Country against ALL enemies both Foreign and DOMESTIC. The best defense one man fighting a whole army of Domestic Enemies has is the Light of Day. This is the fifth article regarding the Sixteenth Amendment and this article ties everything together using simple Junior High School Reading ability on the Sixteenth Amendment to expose the chains of deceit wrapped so tightly around your neck as to cut the flow of Logic to your brain.

Like chapters in a book, one Sixteenth Amendment article alone can not do justice to a complicated issue like a Domestic Enemy in our mist. Therefore, when you read & like any of these articles, make sure to read all of my other articles here for the complete understanding.

Our Founding Parents of 1776

wrote the Sixteenth Amendment of 1913

We use Fore Parents instead of Fore Fathers because it is time to end the chauvinistic portrayal of Founding Fathers. I am concerned that if we don’t also recognize the contributions of our Founding Mothers in the birth of this country, they may not be so ready to help again especially now when we need them to once again help us live truly FREE.

Please don’t think you’re FREE because you’ve been parroting the words, “America, the land of the FREE” since you can remember. For years I’ve been conducting an experiment that you too can conduct to hear the same abysmal answers that are the basis for what ails America today.

America, the Land of the FREE…

Stop and look up for a minute because I want you to think about, “What is FREE in the Land of the FREE?” Don’t fret if you don’t answer correctly because you probably won’t. I have yet to come across anyone to ever get it right off. When you do learn what is FREE in the Land of the FREE, you’re going to do that V8 tomato juice thing where you smack yourself in the head while exclaiming, of course it is, Of Course it is…

But how did our Founding Parents living in the late 1700s, all dead by the early 1800s, write the Sixteenth Amendment in the beginning of the 1900s? Actually, when you see how they did this you will also come to see what is FREE in the Land of the FREE.

America’s FREEdom is a multifaceted diamond of many faces whose true brilliance shines brightest with every face exposed to the Light. Starting with the phrase you’ve heard parroted all your life. Think about this, If “America” is the Land of the FREE then America alone is unique in this, right?

We don’t say America, one of the Lands of the FREE, do we? In fact, you instinctively knew we’re a unique country to even make this claim. No other country can or does make this claim, right?

“America,” the ONLY Land of the FREE

Start here and know this well FIRST. This “FREE” is what our Founding Parents Fought and Died in a Brutal and Horrific war on the very soil in their own backyards to bequeath on to us.

All of their losses, and all of their blood, and all of their suffering combined with all of the words in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Founding Documents collectively bequeath to us their Founding Children, just one thing, and this one thing is the greatest gift of all which people have struggled all throughout history to grasp: to be FREE.

But Other People in Other Countries are FREE too, Yes?

No, they are not. Where would they have gotten the FREEdom from? No other country ever had a George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or the many others who won some war against a powerful sitting King of that time to then set for themselves and for their generations to come, a FREEdom unlike that which no other country has ever had.

A few brave determined Colonists defeated a Powerful Imperialistic King to win back from him his Sovereignty over us. Americans became this planet’s ONLY Sovereign Citizens.

Big Deal, We Defeated King George and became FREE

It wasn’t the freedom from England that made us FREE. No, not even close. For this FREEdom, we need to step back into time, back into the late 1700s. Close your eyes, travel back then open your eyes. Look around to see what is different about our Parent’s Parents back then. Please don’t mention TVs, Cars or even indoor plumbing because it is so much more profound than that.
Sixteenth AmendmentThe inconceivable difference is the casual everyday act of White People owning Black People. I know you’re wincing and it’s the kind of thing we’d rather not talk about or even admit to BUT – REMEMBER, we are back in time. It is not 2010 but 1776 and we plainly see every White Family around us either owning a Black Slave or living next to, or down the block from those families who do own them.

Need a minute?

Stay with this because you really need to know how our Founding Parents lived at that time to know what they fought and risked their
lives to give us. They looked out their back windows or over at their
neighbor’s yard and they saw Black Human Slaves. Do not move on until you understand this.

Don’t do that denial thing or you will never know what America, the Land of the FREE truly means, or whether or not reading this, you see how you’ve become today’s New invisibly chained Slave by ignoring the Wording of the Sixteenth Amendment.

The Civil War ended Slavery in 1865 for Black Americans

The Sixteenth Amendment of 1913 ended Slavery for ALL Americans

It is so Vitally Crucial to understand as much as possible about Slavery then to even hope to understand current Slavery here and today. Today’s subtle Slavery is much more sinister because Slave Masters became better at hiding it.

The tendency of today’s unawareness about Slavery back then is to picture Black people shackled in chains beaten on a regular basis and worked into the ground. But, not true, OK, some might have but they were those Sickies of the time. Just think about it. White People bought & sold Black People at actions the same way they bought & sold Horses. They would pay large sums of money equal to $35,000 in today’s terms greater at times than buying a Prize Stallion or Prize Bull. Would any farmer buying Prize animals beat them and work them into the ground? They wouldn’t and most didn’t.

Most Slaves were treated surprisingly well. A startling statement considering that they were owned and were not FREE – here’s that word again, “FREE.” By now you’re probably pulling together an answer to the above question, “What is FREE in the Land of the FREE,” aren’t you?

Slaves back then had what so many in our country still don’t have today. They were fed well because not feeding them well could lead to illness and weakness and surely reduced work loads. They were dressed in warm clothing because to not do so would open them to illnesses that could have them out of service for days on end. They were also housed well for the same reason. How healthy would a human Slave be if left outside in the cold or rain all night?

Slaves also had the Best “ObamaCare” money could buy. An expensive Bull or Horse takes ill during the night and the top Veterinarian is rushed out of bed to come right over. Slaves were treated as such. In many cases Slaves were trained to do a job and the cost to replace them and train new ones added greatly to their worth. So yes, with today’s equivalent of $35,000 for a Slave that now has a high fever and runny nose you can see where the town doctor would be called in to care for the Slave as a benefit to the Master. Slaves then had the equivalent of today’s no copay ObamaCare at its best.

All of our Founding Fathers owned Slaves

They all did or at least knew those who did. Slavery was all around them. This is a tough couple of paragraphs to read and dwell upon but if you don’t understand who and what our Founding Fathers were, you will never understand how the Sixteenth Amendment saves you from the New worst kind of Slavery of invisible chains that bind and control you never the less. Of course it is hard to admit our past but only an adamantly uneducated person could deny it.

Slaves Then were Better off than some Today!

If you are choking on this statement it’s because you’re placing their lack of FREEdom in the mix. Put FREEdom aside for one minute to see what this heading actually means. Slaves had a roof over their head, warm cloths to wear, good food to eat and the great ObamaCare of the time.

Except for their FREEdom which you don’t really have either, they had it good. Think about it, tremendous job security, not have to worry about losing their jobs and all of life’s necessities. How many today have this? How many today would love to have this?

America can no longer be the Land of the FREE

when we Voluntarily Submit to IRS Servitude

By now you have the answer to the question, don’t you? What is FREE in the Land of the FREE, it is you! You are FREE. Either you are FREE where you own ALL of your Labor or you are no different than all those years of Slavery. You can not be both.

No one today could ever know Slavery

as well as our Founding Parents who Lived with it

The ONLY one (1) thing our Founding Parents Fought and Died to give us was to be FREE. Our Founding Parents wanted for us their Founding Children, to be the exact opposite of the Slaves they knew were not FREE.

Now you know what’s FREE in the Land of the FREE

Now that you know what FREE truly is you can better understand how our Founding Fathers who all died by the early 1800s could possibly control the Sixteenth Amendment of 1913. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and added the Bill of Rights to make sure we were FREE and could never lose that – even through Amendments.

Our Founding Fathers Then, controlled the

Wording in the Sixteenth Amendment Today

The Constitution is too long and complicated to expound upon now but it remains so obvious in its Iron Clad ability to keep us FREE. The Sixteenth Amendment is the proof of this.

Now you see where my previous articles regarding the Sixteenth Amendment’s Adjective Phrase “FROM whatever Source DERIVED” makes perfect sense. Thanks to our Founding Parents setting us FREE in the late 1700s, the ONLY way the Sixteenth Amendment could ever be written was with a Limiting Adjective Phrase like “FROM whatever Source DERIVED.”

Who would in English Write,

the VERB at the end of the Sentence Placing?

The Sixteenth Amendment was written in 1913 just before the explosion of automobiles but did you really think anyone would say, “To the carriage, the horse HITCH?” Of course not, they would say “HITCH the horse to the carriage” placing the VERB first where it belongs, right? Two different ways of conveying the exact same message but only one in the way we actually speak. There is absolutely no difference in meaning of either.

Pay a Tax on Income FROM whatever Source DERIVED

Pay a Tax on Income DERIVED FROM whatever Source

There is absolutely no difference in meaning here either EXCEPT in the second case your mind immediately recognizes the Sixteenth Amendment Limits the IRS to ONLY tax income that’s been DERIVED FROM whatever Source, AND that certainly would not mean ALL income.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to detect this disturbing Fraud of Major Proportion, do you? To avoid any chance of the Supreme Court again striking down this taxing attempt like they did in 1894, some Deceptively Written Adjective Phrase had to be added to the Sixteenth Amendment thanks to our Founding Parents. And we do Thank Them Strongly.

Therefore the Requisite Adjective Phrase was included but in a way to confuse the typical American who knows not the writing of the Constitution AND certainly not the wording of the Sixteenth Amendment until now.

This wording of this Adjective Phrase can ONLY be viewed as an attempt at DECEPTION – which is Overt In–Your-Face Evidence of a FRAUD – which would ONLY be perpetrated by a very sinister DOMESTIC ENEMY in our Mist.

The Sixteenth Amendment is

the Enemy of our DOMESTIC ENEMIES

Are you done Choking on the Invisible Suffocating Chains of Slavery wrapped so tightly around your neck to cut off the LOGIC to your Brain?

Do you now understand
that if they can take your Labor, or any portion of it, they completely own your butt?

Do you now see that Humans can have income but, by definition can not have income that was DERIVED FROM whatever Source? The Sixteenth Amendment Income DERIVED FROM whatever Source is something only business Entities have?

Are there LEGAL Strategies to LEGALLY AVOID the IRS?

Do we JUST say NO to the IRS?

How can I Un-Slave?

Is the Federal Reserve the Domestic Enemy?

How does America Benefit from not Taxing Labor aka People?

Please read below for the rest of these articles on the Sixteenth Amendment. We’ll also have much more to discuss in the coming articles also on the Fourth and Fifth Amendments as well. You could also visit to apply for an Anonymous Oklahoma LLC created to honor the protections of the Bill of Rights.

I am Richard Brown at a Former US Marine sworn to Defend America against ALL Enemies both Foreign and DOMESTIC as well as the Constitution and the very wording of the Sixteenth Amendment…

Sixteenth Amendment Lies and Deception

The Sixteenth Amendment prevents IRS from owning you

The Sixteenth Amendment of 1913 The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes ON Incomes, FROM Whatever Source DERIVED, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration     (my emphasis)

Either the Sixteenth Amendment blocks the IRS from owning you or our whole Constitution is one big joke. AND don’t tell us about paying some Fair Share either. You will never finds these words or even this sentiment expressed anywhere in OUR Constitution. You will find it as the 2nd Plank of the 10 Plank Communist Manifesto and that should tell you precisely what it does tell you.

Richard Vincent Brown

I am Richard Brown born in June of 1941 and a former US Marine. I took an oath to defend this country against ALL enemies both Foreign AND Domestic. It was thought a little silly back in 1960 because we had no idea what a Domestic Enemy was. No, not a Domestic Terrorist but a Domestic Enemy.

Today we know the definition to mean all those trying to subvert Our Constitution. Some obvious Domestic Enemies of the Constitution are surely the ones Scamming you on the Wording of the Sixteenth Amendment.

The Sixteenth Amendment Slams the Writing of Quatloos

Quatloos, a IRS pseudonym or at least writing on the Internet as such, and per their own words ridicules and dismisses people and groups who Market and Sell a variety of information based on interpretations of the U.S. Constitution as it relates to the Internal Revenue Code, and indeed the Internal Revenue Service itself.

Quatloos proves themselves to be a really a perfect example of an ANTI-Constitution, ANTI-American Domestic Enemy because it just arrogantly discredits those who get it wrong. Quatloos makes no attempt to ever clarify people’s misconceptions like what an ethical Pro-Constitutional organization would do AND like we are doing here. Quatloos talks down to people by misdirecting every Query people have tap dancing around Lie after Mistruth after Lie.

We’re asking everyone to read for themselves just how disingenuous, ANTI-American, and ANTI-Constitutional this Domestic Enemy writes, just like the Domestic Enemies of our Freedom we all swore to defend America from when taking the Oath to become a US Marine.

Can’t you tell when someone is Shucking & Jiving you?

Sixteenth Amendment

How about if it is as obvious as the Quatloos statements below?
Quatloos claims the arguments advanced by these groups include:

Quatloos: False arguments that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution (authorizing the income tax) was not properly ratified.

ANSWER: Actually, the Sixteenth Amendment probably never was properly ratified per the tremendous Research Bill Benson conducted over the years BUT so what? We’re Sorry Bill, but we don’t even have to go there because it doesn’t matter in the slightest to the American working class with Incomes that were not DERIVED FROM from whatever source.

Quatloos: False arguments the Internal Revenue Code was not properly enacted by Congress.

ANSWER: Not even sure what Quatloos is mumbling about here because I have never heard this argument. If Quatloos is implying that we are stating that the IRS Code was never codified then this is TRUE. The IRS Code was never codified as is clearly evident or it would be the IRS Law and not the IRS Code.

Back in the Marines we had to iron our shirts with three creases down the back. It was the Military Code but the second I was discharged I was no longer subject to the Military Code. Hence the reach of a Code – any Code, can only include those subject to that code. In Other Words, others who were not in the military were not subject to the Military Code. Therefore, an entity would have to first have Income that was DERIVED FROM whatever Source to then become subject to the IRS Code.

You did know that US Title 27, Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms which some still confuse with IRS US Title 26 is Codified, right? AND therefore BATF is the Law and not just some Code. US Title 26 aka the IRS Code which was never Codified and never will be Codified so therefore can Never be a Law. The IRS Code can ONLY apply to those subject to it because they had: you know, income that year DERIVED FROM a source, whatever source.

Quatloos: False arguments the Internal Revenue Service was not properly constituted by either Congress or the Department of the Treasury (and is therefore operating as an “illegal” entity)

ANSWER: Many have come to know the IRS for their deception in the way they Shuck & Jive us into believing that they have authority over “ALL” income. Even so we agree they’re certainly Legal. We know this because Congress made them Legal in the Sixteenth Amendment giving them the authority to collect a tax on Income providing it was “DERIVED” “FROM” whatever source.

Quatloos: False arguments that “income” cannot be defined, and therefore cannot be owed.

ANSWER: Of course Income can be defined Mr. Quatloos AND was defined in the Corporate Excise Tax of 1909 some four years prior to the Sixteenth Amendment of 1913. But, was not defined again anywhere in the 9,500 page IRS “Code” Book. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill denounced the U.S. income tax “Code” as “9500 pages of gibberish. Does it not bother anyone else that the IRS demands we ALL pay a tax on Income but will NOT define Income anywhere in their Code?

Would we even be having this discussion if they simply put a definition for income in their “Code” Book?  Isn’t the IRS purposely avoiding a definition because it would just admit our claim that the Sixteenth Amendment gives no authority over Colloquial Termed Income?

Income is also defined in every dictionary to mean something coming in, BUT the Sixteenth Amendment did not tax income; it taxed Income FROM whatever Source DERIVED or Income DERIVED FROM whatever Source. Changing where the verb “DERIVED” is placed in the Adjective Phrase doesn’t eliminate the word “FROM” or the phrase! Therefore, the Sixteenth Amendment can ONLY Tax Income that has been “DERIVED” “FROM” a Source, whatever Source.

Quatloos: False arguments that only foreigners and citizens of the United States (falsely limited to citizens of the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.) are liable to pay income tax, and state citizens are not liable for income tax — i.e., false arguments that the payment of income tax is really “voluntary” (you’d have to be a real sucker to believe this one.)

How Ignorant Quatloos, WOW!

ANSWER: Quatloos pushes real hard down this ANTI-American, ANTI-Constitutional path to come out as the top Domestic Enemy of all that Freedom Bequeathed to us in our Constitution by our Mother & Father Fore Parents. If you fall for the Lies & Deception of Quatloos then you must also believe that the IRS owns your Butt completely and our Sixteenth Amendment no longer exists.

Yes Mr. Quatloos, Sixteenth Amendment tax is Voluntary!

The IRS even prints this in their Literature (DUH!) How could you not have read this? Or pretend to not know the crystal clear reason the IRS themselves admit in print that the Sixteenth Amendment tax is and can ONLY be voluntary.

ONLY when one has Income that was DERIVED FROM a source, would a Sixteenth Amendment tax payment to the IRS become Mandatory. BUT, if one had Colloquial Termed Income that by definition was not DERIVED FROM some source, the Sixteenth Amendment has no wording in it to confer any authority to the IRS and so Sixteenth Amendment tax can only be Voluntary.

Quatloos has more Credibility and Ethical Problems

with their Sixteenth Amendment Lies about its Limitations

Any Sixteenth Amendment Income that has been DERIVED FROM whatever Source can be a negative number, right? Especially today where many companies are just not taking in enough revenue (Source) to cover their overhead thereby DERIVING a negative number (Loss.) Therefore legally no IRS tax is due on the negative number (loss.)

So Sixteenth Amendment DERIVED Income can be a negative number where No tax is due the IRS because, as example, 33% of a $15,000 loss or even 33% of a Million dollar loss for the year is still $0.00 owed the IRS.   On the other side, Colloquial Termed Income can never be expressed as a negative number, right? Another way of proving this income is an entirely different animal.

We do not believe Sixteenth Amendment Tax is Voluntary, We KNOW that it is!
It is Voluntary for all Americans who ONLY receive Colloquial Termed Income

Quatloos: False arguments about a number of like subjects regarding income tax, all of which erroneously conclude that nobody is liable to pay income tax.

ANSWER: Doesn’t this mumbling sound more like Domestic Enemies of our Constitution who just ran out of specific Lies and Innuendos? OK, one more time, nice and slow for those at Quatloos who would appear to be reading our Sixteenth Amendment on a four year old Pre-K level.

Income DERIVED FROM whatever Source would attach Sixteenth Amendment Liability
Colloquial Termed Income could never attach Sixteenth Amendment Liability

Google “the Sixteenth Amendment,” you’ll find a disturbingly large number of Domestic Enemies like Quatloos destroying our America and our Constitution by quoting our Sixteenth Amendment minus the FROM whatever Source DERIVED phrase as the Amendment that gave Congress the right to tax income without apportionment…

Yeah Right!

You can’t just leave out an Adjective Phrase and not have it show that America is surrounded by ANTI-American, ANTI-Constitutional Domestic Enemies trying to dumb us down into uneducated slaves for the Federal Reserve Banking Families through their IRS Collection Agency by OVERTLY & Criminally hiding the “FROM” phrase from our Eyesight & Mind Misquoting the very Constitutional Amendment that has us realize just how much of a FREE American we truly are Whew!

I just bought an expensive Rolex on sale FROM Cartier for just $5,000
I just got a great deal on an expensive Rolex FROM a street vendor for $5,000

My neighbor just shared 10 lbs of Deer meat FROM the Butchers shop in town
My neighbor just shared 10 lbs of Deer meat FROM some road kill he found yesterday

I just went out on a date with a lady FROM the Medical School I attend
I just went out on a date with a lady FROM the Free Health AIDS clinic

We’re loosing too much money so on Friday everyone is going to be fired
We’re loosing too much money so on Friday everyone FROM temp services is going to be fired

FROM is probably one of the most powerful words in the entire English Language

This Blog reminds you that we can all be Free from Forced Servitude by having us re-read the Sixteenth Amendment using the English Skill Set we probably learned in Junior High or certainly learned by the time we all finished 9th grade English.

If you also find this important then join us here with your first name & email above right to be notified of coming articles on the True Freedom further knowledge brings us all.

I am one former US Marine who promises to not let any ANTI-American, ANTI-Constitutional Domestic Enemy tell you that “FROM” is just some frilly word which adds or detracts nothing from the Sixteenth Amendment.

The Sixteenth Amendment and You

Sixteenth Amendment aka 16th Amendment & You

Richard Brown

Richard Brown

The Sixteenth Amendment could be the most important Amendment in the entire Constitution. I am Richard Brown, former US Marine born June 1941. All us Military took an Entrance Oath to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and Domestic. But, back then we giggled, “What the Heck is a Domestic Enemy?

Isn’t it Treason for us to discuss

the Sixteenth Amendment?

Isn’t it strange that people should feel like this or even just to think this? And how could the 16th Amendment ratified in 1913 be more important than the 15 other Amendments that came before it, especially the First Ten Amendments which are our Bill of Rights?

You too will come to believe that it could be more important in as much as it is the Amendment that tells you that You are Free. Our First Amendment Freedom of Speech not only allows us to discuss the Constitution, it Demands it. It is actually Treason to not discuss the Sixteenth Amendment or why would any of us need the First Amendment?

If it said the Congress could tax ALL income then Congress would own you and take whatever part of your paycheck they so wanted. Since this Amendment’s words limit Congress’ Authority to just tax on income and not you, and even here ONLY income Derived from a Source, it actually admits that Congress does not own you.

Today’s “Domestic” Enemy

is Any Enemy of our Sixteenth Amendment

This makes it real easy to spot our Domestic Enemies like the IRS who needs you to believe that Congress gave them the authority to tax EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY. Doesn’t it even sound like a Domestic Enemy takeover of our Constitution when you see in Black & White like this?

The Sixteenth Amendment

is a Precisely Written Limiting Statement

You see this right? It limits Congress to placing a tax ONLY “on” income AND even then ONLY when that Income has been DERIVED FROM a Source. You would instinctively know that your paycheck is Not an Income that has been DERIVED FROM some Source.

Reading your Sixteenth Amendment with Language Skills you learned in Jr. High should mean more to you than the government Shucking & Jiving to Enslave us all into their Servitude Version.

Our Sixteenth Amendment confirms that

You  own  YOU!

It confirms this because it does not say Congress has the power to Lay & Collect Taxes on ALL incomes. Therefore this indisputably indicates that they have not the Power or the authority to tax ALL incomes. The IRS today corruptly implies that they have this Authority BUT they obviously don’t – or the Sixteenth Amendment is where it would tell us that they do – if they did!

So then, What is Derived Income

the Sixteenth Amendment can Tax?

No Sixteenth Amendment

...Not for Readers!

You must know this, there are two great taxing clauses in the Constitution, two and just these two. The first is for an Indirect Tax; all Congress wants as long as it is uniform throughout the states. It can not be $1 for example in New York and then only 50 cents in Mississippi. The Second is for a Direct Tax but it must be apportioned amongst the several states and not apportioned amongst the People! An Unapportioned Direct Tax is a Capitation Tax
(on each human) and is the very definition of being owned – which we’re not.

The Corporate Excise Tax of 1909, four years before the Sixteenth Amendment imposed an income tax as an Excise Tax upon the conduct of business in a corporate capacity, measuring the amount of tax due the IRS by the Derived Income of the corporation. Corporations Derive Income by taking their Revenue (Source – whatever Source) and backing out all of their expenses to thereby and then “Derive” their income.

“Derived” is the Phrase’s Adverb AND

its job is to describe the noun “Income”

Can your boss just hand you Derived Income? Of course not, Congress can’t have it both ways. If the meaning of “income” is that which Corporations Derive from their Source, then “income” couldn’t possibly be your paycheck as well, right? Besides, if it did mean your paycheck as well then the Sixteenth Amendment would have to read, “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on ALL income…,” or read tax on income without the limiting clause of FROM whatever Source DERIVED, both of which would dictate that Congress has the right to tell you exactly how much of your labor it will take from you in the form of the income you traded this labor for.

Humans can never have a DERIVED Income because our Income is NEVER a derivative from some source. A Human’s Income is the Source and NOT a Derivative of it. The Sixteenth Amendment can ONLY tax Income AFTER it’s been DERIVED FROM some Source – Whatever Source.

Now your head Hurts right??? But then what does that tell you? That this is the exact opposite of what you were Shucked & Jived into believing all your life? But, did I even once give you MY opinion??? No I did not. Nor did I tell you to pay the IRS or not pay the IRS.

I am just Reminding you that your Founding Fathers Fought and DIED to give you your Freedom and then put it in writing in English so any of their Founding Children (us) with minimal reading skills could know exactly what they have bequeathed to us.

You only “get it” when you read it for yourself. Asking the IRS to tell you what the Constitution allows them to tax is exactly why America is where it is today. Allowing the government to have the fruits of OUR Labor to spend as they see fit is exactly what brought down the USSR and Cuba. Don’t you also see the hypocrisy in Politicians swearing in to defend the Constitution when it is the very Document Limiting their Power AND therefore OUR job to defend it. We are in trouble today because the politicians discovered that most people won’t take the time or effort to learn the very document and the Sixteenth Amendment that is their proof of Freedom…

*Does the Sixteenth Amendment really dictate IRS Code?

*How will the government survive without our paycheck?

*Are we changing from a Republic to a Democracy because
we’re ignorantly lead to believe that it is better for us.

We’re going to examine these statements in the next installment:. is a Blog of the English words in the Constitution. We’ll examine all of the Amendments that used to give us Freedom but today have little Protection because people just won’t take the time read them. Come join us here and then decide for yourself if your Constitution and its Sixteenth Amendment really needs some politician or IRS Minion to tell you what it means.

Sixteenth Amendment AKA 16th Amendment

If we’re going to talk Sixteenth Amendment

Please take off your Boxing Gloves

Richard Brown

Richard Brown

I’m not going to argue and fight the Sixteenth Amendment with you. Martha Stewart argued with the Feds and lost, right? In other words, just talking with the Feds could be enough to imprison you and give you some of the worse years of your life. However we who can read, must read the Sixteenth Amendment and understand the Truth because the TRUTH is always the starting place! And even the Feds can’t argue with the TRUTH!

I am Richard Brown born June 1941 and a former US Marine who swore to defend this country against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

Are you Really afraid to talk about

the Sixteenth Amendment?

Some of the Bravest most Brilliant people to ever walk this planet were our Founding Fathers and our Founding Mothers. Yes, I said Founding Mothers. We are a Male Ego society who seems to patronize the role women actually played in the late 1700s.

AND no, I am not a Feminist either but if we don’t give women our acknowledgment for the part they played in the Revolutionary War for Freedom, how can we expect them to support and join us men now when we desperately need them again to help Free us from an exceedingly Tyrannical government of late?

Please, Left Brain ONLY Please

We all have a tendency to “spin” everything, don’t we? 230 years after the Bill of Rights was Bequeathed us – yes, Bequeathed NOT Given. Our (fore) parents Bequeathed to us, their children’s children in an ironclad Will of Rights no government can take from us.

Every Man and Women who fought in those Revolutionary times lost virtually everything. Those times weren’t as cheery and musical as Hollywood has painted them. They were brutal times of face to face combat where even a small wound many times festered into death. They lost Children, Parents, Siblings, Relatives and Friends, their homes, their Estates, most of their possessions and their wealth. Our Fore Parents Sacrificed and Risked Everything to Bequeath to us the Founding Documents. We the Founding Children absolutely need to know this.

The Sixteenth Amendment of 1913

The 16th Amendment was written in 1913 after the Revolutionary times but our Constitution and our Amendments continue to live on as long as WE want them to. Therefore the 16th Amendment like all Amendments are Laws, not suggestions AND we need to know the Law.

Some argue the Sixteenth Amendment

was Not properly Ratified

We Don’t Care, the IRS loves this argument and jails everyone who uses it as a defense. Whether it was properly ratified or not, we really don’t care because It doesn’t change anything. This is the ONLY place Congress has claimed their power to tax “incomes.” Right Here!

Since Ignorance of the Law is no excuse AND our Sixteenth Amendment is the Law, let’s read it, OK? You can read the entire Sixteenth Amendment in the column to your right. It states very clearly that Congress has the right to Lay and Collect Taxes on Incomes from whatever source derived, right?

Can we call upon your High School English level reading ability? The 16th Amendment was written in 1913 in modern day English, therefore everyone of us Founding Children reading it shouldn’t have the slightest problem understanding it.

So the tax is not on us because it READS that it is on incomes, not on people, AND not every income either, Only those incomes Derived from a source.

As Written in 1913:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, FROM Whatever Source DERIVED, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

As the IRS wants to claim today:
The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on ALL incomes without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

adjective phrase (plural adjective phrases)
1.(grammar) A phrase that collectively modifies or describes a noun

Since “Income” is a noun FROM WHATEVER SOURCE DERIVED modifies the only “income” type the Sixteenth Amendment can tax. Do both these below 2 statements have the EXACT same meaning? Exactly the same???

(per the IRS) Congress can tax ALL income
(per the 16th) Congress can tax income from whatever source DERIVED.

See what happens when you leave out the Adjective Phrase?
You get an entirely different meaning of income, don’t you? The IRS corruptly expands the meaning of Income our Sixteenth Amendment purposely LIMITED in plain English Language to ONLY income Derived from a Source.

Is your paycheck Income Derived from a Source? And please don’t think your boss is the Source and he “derived” your pay to you. Sure, we agree in today’s colloquialism that you receive an “income” but it is not “Derived Income?” and the Sixteenth Amendment tax therefore could not possibly apply, right???

I am not here telling you

to pay or to not pay the IRS

That is your decision. But, I am asking if you went to High School and specifically went those days they were teaching Adjective Phrases? You’ll need to fully understand the Sixteenth Amendment to properly make your own decision otherwise it is you letting the IRS make your decision for you.

What then is Sixteenth Amendment

DERIVED income?

Ever see the IRS code book? Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill while still in office said, “It’s 9,500 pages of absolute gibberish.” His words, and here is just one reason why he claimed that: The IRS wants us to pay them a tax on “income” but then won’t tell us in their Code Book what “income” is. That’s right, let me reiterate one more time for the cheap seats:

9,500 page IRS Code Book but no definition for “Income”

Because, if they ever gave you a definition for “Derived Income,” you would not give them one penny of your colloquial termed “Income.” Nine thousand, five hundred pages of “gibberish” and they couldn’t squeeze in even a quick definition for income, anywhere? NONE? Doesn’t that sound a little like they’re trying to Shuck & Jive you with their Secret Code Book?

Then why not just change the Sixteenth Amendment?

Sixteenth Amendment

Sixteenth Amendment

Change it to: Congress can tax ALL income. Just like they want us to believe now? Oh please, don’t even go there because then there will be no more America because you’ve just officially let the IRS own you and take whatever they want from you.

They started out in 1913 just taking a few percentage points from the very few very wealthy and then slowly increased the percentage and started including lower income earners over the years. Slowly and Fiendishly so no one would notice. We all became the proverbial frog sitting in boiling water.

So if they used to take 2% of grandpa’s pay AND now take 30% of your pay, they could next take 60% of your children’s pay. Times are getting rough for the government, right? In twenty years, they could want 80% of everyone’s “income.” Once you give them permission to own you, they then set the arbitrary percentage of YOUR “colloquial termed income” they’ll TAKE.

Does the 16th Amendment give them ownership over you?

So, what is a Derived Income the 16th Amendment can tax?

How will the government survive without our paycheck?

Isn’t it Treason for us to be discussing this with each other?

Sounds like we’ll need another Blog or two to carry on this thought but before I release that Blog, ask yourself if your HS English classes taught you enough about Adjective Phrases to recognize one when you read one? because this is where you need to start! If you can see this, you’ll Love the rest as well…

While you’re waiting for the continuing Blog, leave your first name and email above right for an update notification and, please Comment below with your Facebook Account that you at least realize how important – NO make that CRUCIAL it is for us to get the understanding of the Sixteenth Amendment AKA 16th Amendment down pat…